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Bireme var Grekerenes krigskip rundt år 500 f.kr. Framdriften sørget roere i 2 etasjer for. Rambukken under vannlinjen i baugen sørget for effektiv senking av fienden. Mer beskrivelse nederst på denne side.
Lengde 80 cm
Modellen er et nydelig skip - og utrolig detaljert - absolutt museumskvalitet.

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Tilbudsprisen er kun kr 1590.-
Beklager Utsolgt
Beskrivelse :

The Trojan War

Legend has it, that for ten long years the Greeks laid siege to the ancient city of Troy but could not take it. Then one night they sailed away leaving only a large Wooden Horse. Thinking that the Greeks had given up and returned home the Trojans took what they thought was a large idol into the city as war booty. That night ten brave men crawled out of the belly of the horse. They opened the gates of the city allowing the returning Greek soldiers to pour in and defeat the mighty city of Troy.

The Bireme was the warship used at the time of the Trojan wars. It had a broad bottom with a shallow draft. Biremes were propelled by two banks of oars and virtually skimmed over the seas. The bow had a portion that protruded out at water level. It is thought that this configuration was intended for ramming and piercing the enemy's ships hull.

This earlier configuration is close to the structure of the boats used by the Greeks to defeat the Persian fleet at Salamis in 480 BCE. It is clear from ancient Iconography that the evolution and changes to the configuration of these ships evolved over an extended period of time. The time between the Trojan and Persian wars being approximately 800 years.

An important version of an ancient warship was the "bireme" equipped with an outrigger. The advantage was, that this way, a ship could have two rows of oars on each side. The upper row of oars-men was sitting on an upper bench more outside, so their oars wouldn't interfere with the oars of their fellow mates sitting below. A "bireme" could be equipped with as many as a hundred oars-men, fifty on each side of the ship.

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Under er noen tilbakemeldinger fra våre kunder, som har bygget om våre modeller, bl.a. til fjernstyring med elektromotor og til og med live steam.
KNBF overrekker snekke til  Draugen Motorbåtforening i forbindelse med 80 års jubileum.